5 Contracts That Growing Businesses Need to Have

When a small business starts to grow, there are many more things that you need to think about to keep it running smoothly on the way to success. One important part of running a growing business is having the right contracts ready for when you may need them. 5 contracts that growing businesses need to have include:

  • Employment Offer Letter

An employment offer letter should be adjusted depending on the position you are hiring for. A good quality employment offer letter should include details about the job offer and what the position requires, benefits, the salary and more. If your business works with an outsourced payroll Kent firm, find out what salaries you can offer for each position before making the employment offer letter.

  • Sales/Service Contracts

If your business sells a service rather than a product, you will need to have a service contract drawn up. A sales contract is used for companies that sell products and it should include the terms, price and condition of the sale.

  • Confidentiality Agreement

Employees should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep propriety information confidential.

  • Leases

A business lease for a retail or office space is an important contract for a company and the terms must be set before it is signed, such as rent amount, the length of the lease and more.

  • Terms of Use

This contract is an agreement used on the company website between the users of the site and the business.



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