Taking Care of Your BMW

Any owner of a BMW will know that they are some of the best built road vehicles available. An investment of a BMW is often costly, so it is important that drivers maintain the upkeep of them to make sure the life of the car is extended as long as possible. Here are some tips to take care of your BMW.

Maintenance Throughout the Year

BMW repairs and services should be done regularly throughout the year. During the winter, the tyres should be checked to make sure the tread is still good and the air pressure is at the right amount. Ensure the windshield washer fluid is full for cleaning the glass, and in especially cold areas it can be beneficial to keep an ice scraper and de-icing liquid in the boot for icy days. In the summer, the cooling system should be cared for as the weather is warming up. Make sure to check the belts for any cracks and the hose for any leaks, as well as the tyres which should be tested throughout the year. The oil and oil filter should be replaced and the antifreeze should be topped up. Regular services once or twice a year are important and will give the chance for a professional to have a look at the general condition of the vehicle and engine.

Body Care

Take the time every now and again to check the condition of the body of the car. Giving it a good wash inside and out will provide an opportunity to inspect any minor damage to the body such as scratches, dents, rips to the interior and stone cracks to the windshield, all of which can be repaired.

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