The Hottest Wedding Themes of 2017 – 2018

If you are planning your wedding that is set during the next year or so, you may be pondering over ideas for a theme. Almost every great wedding has an established theme, which can be related to a colour, a culture, an era or by the style of the venue. With many themes coming in and out of fashion, if you want to keep up with the trends then check out our list of the hottest wedding themes of 2017 – 2018:


The rustic theme has been popular for many years now; with couple’s enjoying the whole country, handmade look with branches, lanterns and a variety of nature-inspired decor. Venues can include barns and country houses, and decorations can certainly be handmade.

Country Garden

The great outdoors is a great place to set a wedding, with hilltop views or surrounded by flowers and blooms. Choose a wedding venue Lewes with both a garden setting and stunning views of the British countryside. Lots of flowers and simplicity along with nature will bring your country garden wedding to life.


Also popular for a long time, the vintage theme seems to be showing no signs of stopping. With a very romantic feel, a vintage wedding can be set in a traditional style home, with added extras such as a vintage car and family heirlooms along with antiques.


The 1920s era, and in particular the ‘flapper’ style are very popular for wedding themes at the moment. From the dress to the decorations and everything in between, this delightful theme is bound to impress.

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