Things to Think About When Buying a Pool

Many safety features come up when thinking of adding a swimming pool to the family home. One of these safety features is making the surroundings of the pool a non slip area. Water and some surfaces don’t mix and having the right surface around a swimming pool is important.

Tiles are often the choice for the surface surrounding swimming pools. Another idea is slatted timber. If deciding on tiles then there are a number of different types that can be used around pools. The stone tile is one with its earthy colours, the mosaic tile is another, there are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. To make the right choice, visiting a pool tiles specialist shop should give you the right answers.

A safety fence is another feature that is highly important. The safety fence can save lives especially those of the very young generation that haven’t yet learned to swim. Safety fences are required to be erected around swimming pools to a height of 1200mm and have a self closing gate designed to be childproof. Your local council should be able to advise you on what is required. Fences may be the semi or frameless glass types with contemporary edging and there are the powder coated metal fences in different colours.

Pools can be either chlorinated or salt water. A salt water system is expensive in the setting up stage but more economical to run, needing less maintenance. The down side is the corrosive action on filters, seals and pumps and the frequency of replacing of parts.

Chlorinated pool water is ideal for mold and bacteria elimination. The use of filtration units and water testing keeps maintenance to a minimum as does the use of a suction cleaner. Backwashing of filters and pumps although automatic do require manual cleaning at times.


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