Top 5 Space Saving Design Ideas for Smaller Homes

Some of the most resourceful interior design products are to save space in smaller homes. With house prices on the rise nationwide, an increasing amount of the population are finding themselves in properties with little space for all the furniture and appliances they need. Here is a list of the top 10 space saving design ideas for smaller homes:

  1. Connected Table and Chairs

Dining tables and chairs can take up a lot of room in a house, especially one that does not have a dining room space. There are a variety of great looking, comfortable chairs and table that fit together when not in use and open up as a table and chairs when needed. There are also some fun tables and chairs that slot into a shelf when not in use so no space is used, and then can easily be pulled out when needed.

  1. Sofa Beds

New designs of the classic sofa bed are now available, with sofas turning in to comfortable bunk beds and even king size beds.

  1. Stair Drawers

If there are stairs in the house, it is best to make use of this dead space and turn each stair in to a pull out drawer for storage.

  1. Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke kitchens Sussex can be custom designed to take advantage of every small space in the kitchen from corner cupboards to single-bowl sinks.

  1. Under Stair Storage

Make use of the area under the stairway by placing a cupboard and using it for storage.

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